Umishi oysters are the perfect harmony between cold nutrient rich Pacific waters, warm desert sun, strong daily tides, soothing winds, and happy oysters.

It reflects traditional Japanese craftmanship and 40-year relentless pursuit of farming innovation. Striking a beautiful balance between environment and social entrepreneurship.


False Bay (Bahia Falsa) in Northern Baja Peninsula gets its water from the California Current and has been a traditional natural oyster ground for thousands of years, with some of the oldest records found from native Kiliawa tribe archeological sites.

Why Umishi?

  • Year-round supply
  • Able to commit to long term supply projects, customized to customers’ needs
  • Various sizes and packs available
  • China and rest of Asian Markets are served from vast flight options out of LAX
  • Western US serviced from strategic facility located in Los Angeles, CA


Find us at:

  • 222 W 6th Street, Suite 400 San Pedro, CA 90731
  • contact@kasmartusa.com
  • +1-805-856-8131
  • +1-310-707-2667

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